Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Remington #3 Typecast


Imagine some journalist here, with his foolscap and his deadline.
Down to the wire, story to run in the next morning's news.
Fingers fly as the carriage bell signals the end of the line.
A bright ding breaking the monotony of frenzied typing.
A hand reached up every so often, seeking that silvery lever.
Pull it forward, slide it to the side in one fluid motion.
Hear the ratchet of teeth tracking every move.
A hurried correction here, a half erased word there, all in pursuit of the story.

I'm starting to love the Remington more and more. Once I figured out a solution to flattened feed rollers, everything has seemed to slide into place. Course, as with any machine, there are quirks, but I'm okay with working through them and figuring out solutions. Like faint letters. Use seems to be acting quite effective at helping them become more consistent. And oil has helped loosen up the touch until it is something more to my liking--coming up on a Silent-Super means I grew up on a typewriter with a very light and easy touch, far removed from the 80 year old Remington.

But I'm okay with that. I get my finger workout, that's sure. And the copy is fairly readable and I can type for more than half a page without it freezing on me. I think we might be in business. You will be seeing more from this little guy, that's for sure. 

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