Friday, February 11, 2011


I've a whole list of ideas that I'd love to write, but none of them seem to want to come tonight.

I sat in a gelato shop earlier, pen in hand, and wondered exactly where my brain was.

I went thrifting today and saw the following:
A Sears Continental with wide carriage for $65
A SM-3, listed as a German Typewriter with the page printed out in the case... they wanted $265 for it, but I think it was slightly overpriced.
A Smith-Corona Coronet 12 Electric for $50. I thought it was a galaxie at first. I did look, but couldn't see the cord.

This will post in the morning, but right now, it's nearly 6:30, and I wish that I was home with my dog.

I realized today that it's been nearly a week since I've written a happy list (similar to M's Happy Book, but I do it daily and add the things that I'm thankful for (yes, I know it is cliched.) )
So a list...
1. Gelato. 2. Rock climbing and feeling pumped and alive. 3. Discovering quirky new shops. 4. Nearly being done with midterms. 4. Looking at my hands and seeing the beauty in disaster. 6. Being unable to count. 7. Dings in my pink steel water bottle that is still covered in climbing chalk. 8. Getting to go home to sleep and my dog. 9. The thought of a day off. 10. Being able to help a complete stranger.

I talked to M yesterday, and she and I agree. We have gotten slightly off the original purpose of this blog, but neither of us mind. In fact, we rather love the the direction things are going. We hope you don't mind.


  1. SM3, $265, slighty over priced?

    I get it, I really do, but $50 and less is reasonable for almost any typewriter. $50 - $150, I question whether its been professionally refurbished/serviced or has some historic value. Above $150, being someone that is comfortable cleaning and fixing a typewriter myself, is preying on others...

  2. Deek, there was major sarcasm in that statement. This thing didn't look refurbished, but you could tell that whoever had consigned it thought they had something--like I said, they'd printed out the page. Thing is, they hadn't even identified it paste it being a "German typewriter." I honestly don't know if I'll go back to the shop. Not only were the prices high, but there was the "high and mighty" vibe you get at some places like this. Just because I'm young and don't look like I want to buy, the people working there don't bother to treat you like a valued customer. But, I'll definitely go back to the store with the Continental. The girl working there, she was nice and actually acted interested in having me come back. That's the kind of place I like.

  3. Let the direction go as it will; it's more fun that way.

    As much as I love an good SM-3, I wouldn't pay even close to $265 for one. That's nuts.

  4. I agree, snohomish. Even though I want an SM-3/4, I am no way willing to pay that price for one, not even one that I know is in perfect working order. Call me cheap if you want, but...