Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Letters

I love Valentine's Day and to all you haters out there...get over it.  And before you make any accusations, let me say that I have never once had a significant other on V-Day to celebrate with.  Maybe that's sad...but it's never bothered me.  There are far too many other love slots and the people that fill them to worry about one sometimes empty space.  Besides, boy love letters are besides my point and a post for another day. 
This morning when I got up there were emails waiting for me.  Short ones mostly.  From Mom, Dad, siblings, grandparents, cousins, and friends.  I have stacks of letters these people have written to me over the years.  When I feel low, I pull them out and read until I cry.  One favorite was decorated with sprinkles, yes sprinkles, and they're steadily falling off.  Another is written in halting first grade letters.  Some misspell my name but are still entirely sincere.  Others are falling apart and have tape scars from being hung where I can see them every day.  Still others come in the form of memories or objects and enveloping feelings.  There are looney tunes and mickey mouse and barbie Valentines and few homemade ones.  There are the secret Valentines from Junior High.  Birthday cards and thank you cards and congratulations and letters just because I love you.  All occasions.  All times.  All of these wondeful people.
So today, look through your love letters, in whatever form they may take.  Look through them and get over your romance driven angst and leave me to my Valentine's loving in peace.  Until there is not a single person who loves me, I will not agree that it's a worthless holiday.  And I highly doubt that that will ever happen.

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