Friday, February 18, 2011


Well, with Little Flower Petals, Strikethru, and clickthing doing this, I thought I'd join in... and up the ante.

I find all my typewriters have a personality. So, I thought I'd introduce them... trust me, they will have each have their own post, when I have 5 minutes to typecast.

So, without further ado, and in chronological order of acquisition, I present to you,

The Typewriters

Summer 2005
Lucky Find

Messy Desk and the 1955 Smith-Corona Silent-Super


Being blue-green and all, the SCSS (circa 1955) was my first acquisition, found cleaning out my grandpa's apartment when we moved him into an assisted living facility. I'd been wanting a typewriter for a while, and this one fell into my lap. I'd say it was destiny.

Personality wise, the Silent-Super is just the typewriter next door. Moody little thing, to be honest. But I don't want to get into that right now. The SCSS is my workhorse when it's working, fun to write just about anything on.

Christmas 2008
Gift from my parents

Promo Shot


I affectionately call the QDL my noir typewriter. There's something about it that speaks of mystery, of stories yet to be told and dark betrayal. Yet at the same time, the looks are so innocuous, so clean cut and classy.

October 2009
Antique show find

Action Shot!

The #3

The #3 is my journalist's typewriter. Or at least that's what I feel. The #3 is covered with nicotine residue and the keys are well worn, the action snappy after oiling. There's something about the size of this thing, about the feel when you take it out of its wooden case. It just doesn't feel like a typewriter that stood by and let the world pass. This machine was part of something happening... wish I knew what. Only clues I've got are the nicotine and flattened feed rollers that speak of a time spent outside the world...


  1. Very nice collection! I like the baby blue color of your Smith Corona...and that's a lovely Royal.

    There was a Remington at the type-in that was newer than yours, but still had that sort of flattened, mounted-high typebar arrangement, so the typebars just *fly* when you hit a key. Fascinating to watch, that.

    And that's a Waterman Phileas accompanying it, isn't it?

  2. The Remington LFP speaks of is mine - a Deluxe #5. I hadn't used it in ages but as it was getting cleaned and lubed for the type-in, I realized it's quite fun to use. My five year old and wife both love it because of the way they typebars fly around like crazy.

    Great collection you have. Nice machines.

  3. Thanks guys. :)

    @LFP: yes, that is a Phileas. It was my first fountain pen, and it's awesome. I've got a rather lovely blue ink in it...

    @justin: the flying action is awesome. So snappy.