Saturday, December 28, 2013

Episode 1

Here it is, the long awaited Episode 1! Find more details about the project at New! Epic! New! (Will link it when I get to a computer!)

And so it begins...

"And so it seems, gentlemen, that piracy is our only option!"
The men cheered, and in the back, one of the women giggled, "I do love it when that happens." she said, her eyes lighting up.
"It is quite a lovely enterprise, isn't it?" Her companion replied with a wry smile, "I'm sure by morning they'll have forgotten all about it."
"No." She wrinkled her nose, "No, you don't think so, do you?"
The captain shrugged, "Just an opinion, born of long experience. They are not the first to come ot this conclusion, and the will not be the last."
"So what are you going to do?"
Smiling, she flipped up the lapel on her seacoat, "Same thing I've always done. Take advantage of their indecision." Putting on her hat, she nodded at the innkeeper, "Good day, Miriam. I'll see you tomorrow."
"Good day, Captain Marlow." Miriam said after her, watching the coattails flick around the corner. A few moments later, as Miriam was making her rounds with the ale, she was stopped by a long haired woman sitting in the corner.
"Was that captain Jean Marlow who just left?" She asked, barely pulling the English pronunciation out of Marlow's given nickname.
"Depends on who's asking." Miriam replied, "You are?"
"Captain Selím. Marlow and I were once friends."
"Selím, eh?" Miriam set the flagon down on the woman's table, weighing Gene's response to knowing an old friend was in town, "Never heard of you. Pirate?"
"Of  course." Selím snapped, "What do I look like to you, a dragon slayer?"
"They're surprisingly diverse group, if you've never met one." She picked the empty flagons up off the table and loaded her tray, "Will that be all for you?"
"No. I'd like an answer, you fool."
"Then I suggest you go get it yourself."

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New! Epic! New!

Epic! New! Project!

So. If you follow me on Twitter (@ anabstar), you may have seen randomness regarding backers and other things. Well, now that I probably don't have your attention, here's the news you haven't been waiting for.

About the epic new project.

So, earlier this year, mike speegle published Artifice online, in installments. I'm gonna kind of be stealing that same idea, the idea of the serial, published at intervals that will be random, rather than set, but it's still going to be happening.

The cool part is that you all get to help.

Yup. You heard me.

So. Here's how it's going to work--it's kinda like kickstarter but there's only one option and you don't have to pay any money.

What do you mean, no have to pay no monies?

To back the project, all it takes is being a willing conspirator. You mind find yourself receiving random questions and dialogue prompts from me, and if ou back the project, you're saying that you're willing to help... In return, you (or at least my perception of you), become a character in the short. No, not calling this a novel, because right now, it's more like a short improv gig. So, if you happen to respond to a dialogue prompt on Twitter, that's going to get incorporated in, somehow--this whole idea started when molly mullery responded very awesomely to a random tweet, and my brain just went from there.

Okay, bored now, so the rest of the random details... if you're interested in getting involved, you can leave a comment below, give me a shoutout on Twitter, or just keep an eye open for my next call!