Thursday, January 26, 2012


I discovered this last night. Its an interesting thought; give it a read!

Book Matters: What is your bookprint?

Chew on this

Couple days ago, I pulled a post I'd written because honestly, you guys made me mad. All you could do was sit and bash on Vegas (justifiably, I'm sure), without making a case for the opposition. Sounds like a pretty poor defense to me. But, the again, that's how a lot of people work. Bash something but don't really defend the alternative--let it shine on its own, they say, but screw anyone who dares voice a protesting opinion--use your vehemence to shut them down before they even start.

I don't give a damn that Vegas is hot as hell--I'd be more likely to avoid the Pacific Northwest for 300 cloudy days a year. How the hell do you people deal with that? Heat is easy--clothes are meant to be taken off. But lack of sunshine? In the words of my coworker, "fuck, man." I'll be stuck in a building a lot of the time anyway... why would I want somewhere that I can't play when I do get the time to go outside?

I'm not going to ask my question again, because this whole deal made me realize that I don't really give a flying rat's ass. I'm sure one of you would chime in in defense of the desert, so sorry for pulling it, but it was better this way. I'm going to go where will be the best for me.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Truth?

This would affect us too!!!

I'm just not feeling writing. Maybe it was December, but here I sit again, with assignments due and a blog wanting, and writing is one of my last choices of a diversion. Whoda thought that the person who posted 20+ pieces in a week would feel this way.

So I'm going to go back to staring at my computer screen and my notes... I'll be back, I promise. There were a few ideas that I'd thought about writing and they might not be totally dead yet.

until then...

Let's work to keep our blogs free, to allow us to post and share work and things we find cool or just plain handy. 

I'm not a code wizard who could figure out how to black out (aside from the really cool elephant background) our site, but I can still take a stand.

Learn more: 

We may be the ones that are all about the retrotech, but the high tech is what makes our community possible. Without it, we'd just be isolated enthusiasts, and the typopshere would be little more than a dream.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

And Now...Back to Our Scheduled Programming

Sorry folks...graduation hit, then Christmas, and then the virus to end all viruses which left me with an ancient desktop that couldn't summon the energy for anything remotely as complicated as Blogger.  A blank white screen was the best it could muster.  But my laptop has been de-bugged and I PROMISE...that life will be getting back to normal now.  I missed you all...