Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present...


As the teaser suggests, I did it.

Granted, I did end up paying more than I would have through Goulet or Jetpens, but still. I have the satisfaction of being able to shop local.

Though, I am going to virtually slap LFP and MT Coalhopper for introducing me to the Goulet site--I'd never been there before, and that was probably a good thing. :P

IMAG0268So.. here's the specs.

Paid $35.00 for it, 4.95 for the converter, and 4.50 for a pack of cartridges because I was impatient and thought I'd get a chance to use it before I got home where there is ink. (I didn't, but oh well. I now have Lamy Blue-Black Ink on hand and in the pen!) Bout a five to eight dollar difference when you consider shipping, but that's okay.
IMAG0267IMAG0278The color is closest to the picture from Goulet above--my phone couldn't get the color right, and I don't know where my card reader is for my camera. But truth is, it's just pretty. It'll be really pretty with black ink.

But above all:
It's pink.

IMAG0271In the shop, the pen had a medium nib on it. This is the great thing about small stores--the guy (I think the owner's son) replaced it with a Fine nib from another pen for me. No charge.

So... writing with it... it's different experience. The Fine Nib is pretty fine--my Waterman is a broad medium nib, while my Schaeffer is spidery and cool. I'm glad I didn't go with the extra-fine nib. I like superfine points for my cramped notes handwriting, but at that same time, a fountain pen isn't the best medium for that sort of writing--I tend to hold the pen more upright, and very close to the end. A fountain pen, especially one that is specifically shaped like the Lamy, doesn't so much allow me to do that, but I'm okay with that. Makes it perfect for the more relaxed writing I like when I'm drafting. I might order a medium nib, just for variety and maybe even a bold--remember, I love a bold line on yellow paper--but we'll see where things goes.

I got to say--I know why you all love these pens. I'm glad I made the purchase and supported a local shop. I also talked to the guy there, and he said I'd be great to come in and take pictures! Means some advertising for them, which is cool. I like helping local businesses. I'm excited for this pen. I think good things are to come!!!


  1. Very nice! I'm a big fan of the pink. May you write many, many words together!

  2. Something that I especially like, since you mention gripping close to the end, are the facets on the nib section. It's almost uncomfortable if you don't hold the pen correctly. At least for me, the pen insists on taking the right attitude to the paper.

    As for nib size, my handwriting is calligraphic enough without my having to resort to anything wider than an extra fine. That being said, another Lamy advantage is how relatively inexpensive it is to change sizes.

    Congratulations on your purchase. May it serve you well... even if it is pink.

  3. Nice! I've been eyeing the red one....now I may just have to buy it!

  4. I have both M and F Lamys, and I have found that the finer nibs sometimes need a little bit of an adjustment with a razor blade. The tines, for some reason, can sometimes end up so tight that they overlap during writing.

    Pretty pen, though!

  5. Thanks guys. :)

    Speaking of the facets... they're kinda annoying at times! You get used to writing upright with Pilots and the like... but MT--Pink is Power. There's something inherently awesome about anything pink.

    Wordrebel: do it. do it do it do it do it. You'll be happy you did.

    Mike... thanks for letting me know... I haven't written a lot with it yet, due to the fact that it's been midterms and I use pencil on exams, but thanks. :)

    I keep trying to do a pencast... but they all come out hard to read, so I'll keep trying!