Monday, September 26, 2011

The Dilemma

It's a simple one, really. A question of maybe nine dollars, at least right now.
I'm buying a lamy safari. I decided this last week. But, here is my question.
Do I pay more to support the local stationary shop, or do I give in to the man and buy it online and save some money?
I'm torn. Honestly. I like money and having it, which is an argument for ordering. And, more waiting might make me appreciate it more (although I have already waited nearly a week.). But, buying local is better for the environment and does good to support the cute old man who owns the shop. And he has a pink one. I like pink.
I think I know what I'm going to do... anyone else want to chime in?


  1. Pink is a must and so are small businesses. If you won't starve by doing so, go with the cute old guy.

  2. Me, starve? Why do you think I still live at home?
    I think I will go buy it before I go to the gym today. Yup. Yet another post where I answer my own question by writing it.

    And sorry for taking your Monday slot, miss m. Feel free to post over me. I an just bored...

  3. I say buy it IRL. It's good to support local business, and you don't have to wait. Waiting is for suckers.

  4. I bought my first one (the orange one) in real life. There's certainly something to be said for both instant gratification and supporting local businesses. Not to mention pink.

    That said, if you did decide to go the on-line route, there are small Mom and Pop on-line businesses you can support. I can't recommend Goulet Pens highly enough, just to name one. They have an awesome selection, wonderful customer service, and they're as nuts about their products as we buyers are.

    But I think I'd go the local route, just for starters, since you can. And it sounds like you're decided anyhow. We expect a report!

  5. Too late to voice a meaningful opinion, I know, but just let me endorse your decision to buy your first one from the local business. For the next one, you'll face the same decision, but it won't weigh on your conscience... especially if you go with Goulet Pens. (The hand-written note that comes with a purchase is almost as personal as the local shopkeeper's smile.)

    As for myself, the charcoal Safari with an extra fine nib, sitting next to the keyboard as I write this, has been bringing me exquisite pleasure. You should not regret your purchase, regardless of what color and where you buy it.

  6. Hee. It's pink. Much more to come later tonight when I can take pictures.