Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm ALIVE...I think

So...as for where I've been:  new semester, new relationship, first illness of the season.  That pretty much sums up my complete lack of brain power.  Wow.
Anyway, the new semester brought me an awesome new opportunity:  to be on the staff of my university's student literary journal.  I'm already hooked.  We meet weekly, feed each other gourmet foods (i.e. pancakes, curried chicken, chips and salsa...whatever we have on hand), and talk poetry, short stories, and essays.  Submissions will start arriving soon and I can't wait.  I'll be editing the poetry.  I'm going to miss this when I graduate.  There will be fewer opportunities to have discussions like these; to spend time with people who think about these things.  I'm trying my hardest to relish every second.

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