Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Book - August Edition

Because I go back to school in a week, this is all you get.  I have no brain.  Enough said.
  1. a second chance
  3. the Chuckwagon, the scandal, the ambulance, the river rafting...
  4. two hours of cheesy Taylor Swift sing-a-long with the Bartman
  5. and the resulting voice loss
  6. Polynesian dance
  7. discovering the teacher I've been all along
  8. passing notes
  9. coming home late to the blessed relief of oreos on the kitchen counter
  10. being told I clean up well and a guy staring just confirming it
  11. three fat kittens on my lap all at once
  12. the mossy swimming hole
  13. Chick and Bandit, oh the doggy devotion
  14. eight-year Ginger driving me on the four wheeler, I thought I was going to die
  15. goat meat
  16. sleeping on the screened porch listening to sprinklers, trains, coyotes, and Uncle Steve baling hay
  17. the laundry rock and the view that goes with it
  18. hunting the broody chicken
  19. birthday plotting
  20. Dad

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