Thursday, August 25, 2011

The best thing about being back... the obligatory trip to the bookstore for those important supplies!!! Course, my campus bookstore isn't as great as Strikethru's, but it's not that bad...

Now, this year, they didn't have everything that I was looking for, like my favorite legal pads, but I didn't do too bad...

So, take a look at the haul, all $386 of it...

Five books for one class. Looks like it's going to be fascinating, but still. It's a lot of reading.

Got the last copy of this one. The new edition comes out next year, with this one being over 10 years old, so you'd expect some used copies, right? Nope. Had to buy it new.

As I work on this post, I'm waiting for this last class to start. The prof just walked in... But the books look fascinating.

Besides the required books, I also scored a few fun things.

Like this new Zebra fountain pen. Never seen them before, never seen a review of them, but it looks pretty... although when I did a writing test (full review to be posted soon), I'm not quite sure how I like it. Maybe I just like the weight of a nicer fountain pen... but $4.99 was cheap!

I've also fallen in love with the look of a broad line on yellow paper... So, there are two pads of yellow paper in my stash, as well as some new broad points.

 I scored a few new pens and a clicky highlighter.

And of course, a pad of one of my favorite papers.

And, last, but of course, not least, a new General's Layout Pencil. As you can see in the picture below, the last one I bought is growing shorter by the day. I love this pencil.

And thus concludes the tour de supplies for this semester... or at least this first week. I'm sure I'll be picking more up as the semester goes along...


  1. The Moon children are educated at home, and not JUST because we then get to be in complete control of all school-supply choices. But that's certainly a big, big part.

  2. Haha still was a great part of being homeschooled. I got to get exactly what I wanted. :P Freedom of supplies is a right, not a choice.