Monday, June 27, 2011

Vignettes...A Taste Test

I took A up on this challenge and will be posting my vignettes here as well.  Since I'm in the middle of making bread and raspberry buckle I'll take the easy way out today and post an old vignette as a preview of the joys to come.  See you next week with the real deal.

...As a child I don't much remember sleeping.  I do remember the heels of Dad's running shoes glowing in his closet and the hard floor beneath me and my sister's mumbling and her leg thrown over mine.  But mostly the window torches.  The glass of my window was old and opaque and wavy, distorting the neighbor's porch light.  I imagined it a torch--many torches, and a band of people to carry them.  I would lie and think of them as an angry mob, a band of outcasts, a welcome home; as a farewell, a fairy dance, a gypsy camp.  They were pirates and shepherds and witch-hunters and stars.  I would lie and imagine 'til I no longer thought but dreamed.  So I don't much remember sleeping.

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  1. Mmmm...raspberry buckle. Sorry, got distracted there a minute.

    I would lie and imagine 'til I no longer thought but dreamed. So I don't much remember sleeping.

    Love that.