Friday, April 22, 2011

Script Frenzy Week Three

I did it.

Took me 20 days.

That's the longest I've ever spent to win a Frenzy. My first year, 4 days. Second, 3 days. And last year, it was either 2 or 3.

But this year, life just kept happening and I didn't have the long blocks of time to sit and bash out a ton of text. Once my NaNo ran out, I was flying solo (I didn't even know how the story ended), something I didn't do last year. Last year, the whole thing was completely written out for me, just needed to be strung together. But, I like how it turned out. The script isn't finished yet, but I know how it ends. And I know how the sequel starts, and I"m pretty stoked about it.


  1. Congrats! Considering that you finished 10 days early than the "real" deadline is nothing to be ashamed of.

    I've never gone in for Screnzy. April has too much going on for me to commit to it, and my usual NaNo entries tend to read like a script anyway, what with all the dialogue and my obsessive need to over-describe every scene. :-\

  2. Nice work. You made it.

  3. @Mpclemens: Yeah, you could do it easily if you write like that. Me, I don't like describing scenes that much, so it's better for script. This year, I took on the challenge of limiting my action stuff to less than usual, to making only the bare minimun. And I like it.
    But the thing is, it's the mad rush that I enjoy. This slow and steady scripting thing is just kinda wierd.

    @Snohomish: thanks