Monday, April 4, 2011


I am totally geeking out over this one!  So the Adobe Book Store in San Francisco rearranged all their books according to the color spectrum.  For one week.  And then they put them all back.  Momentary thing aside, I cannot express how much I love this.  As the book obsessed artsy child of an interior designer you can just guess how my decorative bent showed itself:  yep, you guessed it, all the books in my parents' house are arranged by color-thanks to moi-and all my own would be too if they were not in boxes awaiting the day I have a slightly more permanent residence.  If only, if only.  As a kid my mom would catch me rearranging my books by author's FIRST name or by size or color or some other unfathomable characteristic.  I'm pretty sure I even went by main character's name once.  And here's the clincher...I DID IT INSTEAD OF PLAYING!!!!!!  I am weird, I willingly admit that.  Seriously, what eight year old kid declines her kid sister's request to build houses for their Barbie dolls out of the encyclopedia in favor or reorganizing her desk shelves?  And what eight year old has a desk?  I did.  Be weird like me and the Adobe Book Store, go play with your books.  (photos courtesy of my favorite book store, check them out!)

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  1. Why do you hate the Dewey Decimal system?!
    That filing system would drive me absoletely batcrap crazy. I tend to be a little on the aspergerish side, and like order, and following long-established normative rules.
    Which means I should probably give this a try in my own home, right? To maybe lighten up a bit?