Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Primer on Dinosaur

Like Chinese, Dinosaur is an immensely complex language, relying on inflection and tone to convey meaning, due to the limited range of vocables obtainable by dinosaur anatomy.  However, despite these limitations, dinosaur is a language that is both expressive and dynamic.

Like pirate, a large lung volume is essential for proper pronunciation of many of the more... forceful words in dinosaur. That said, force is not everything in speaking dinosaur. Most important is the feeling with which you speak.

To begin learning dinosaur, it is unnecessary to spend time learning the delicate grammatical structures and constructions. The best way to learn dinosaur is to jump in headfirst. And please, try not to get eaten.

The first word any dinosaur learns to pronounce is rawr. Pronounced are with an r on the front--a sof a. It means "I love you," and it is said frequently to young dinosaurs.

Rer, pronounced rare, is a next word to learn. It widely means "what," though it has many known variants when used in context.

Ror, pronounced roar, is the standard dinosaur greeting.

Rir, pronounced rear, means "yes," in dinosaur.

These four basic words, and the sounds underlying them, form the basis for dinosaur. With them, you can begin to understand this beautiful and expressive language.

Stay tuned for my continuing study into this fascinating topic, including a guide to grammar and more vocabulary!

One last word: Ri, pronounced reeeee, means "don't eat me." The longer the i is held, the more desperate and moving the plea.


  1. Double-Plus-Good on 'Informative' and 'Entertaining'.
    (Plus I like your super-secret plan to generate buzz for your post by first posting it, then yanking it back, so that those of us who - say - watch our blogger reading list try to click-and-read, and come up empty. Then we keep checking back every day, wanting to know what exactly happened to what sounds like it would be a good quality Entertaining and Informative post...Well, long story short: even though I'm on to your Jedi Mind Tricks, I still fell victim to it. Well done.)

  2. Is there a dinosaur word for "dude"? I can pretty much have an entire conversation with that word, so if I knew the dinosaurian equivalent than I could converse easily with any t-rexes or brachiosauruses I might encounter.

  3. A, you are weird but awesome. That must be why we're friends.

  4. @Duffy: Thanks. :) But, I didn't actually mean to play jedi mind tricks on you. I accidentally wrote this under arsdecarta and clicked published and then realized 2 things: 1. I hadn't published under my username. 3. I hadn't scheduled it to post like I wanted to. So I recreated it and then scheduled it.

    @Snohomish: Here's a super secret sneek peek from the vocabulary edition.
    errr. Pronounced as you'd expect, er, it means "dude" in dinosaur. The degree to which you hold it can encompass the simple dude to the classic duuuuude. Also, as with dude, it can be inflected in various ways to act very similarly to the English Dude.

    Thank you dear.

  5. Fantastic. Now, with all this mention of the word dude, I wonder if there may have been a dinosaur known as The Dude. Maybe he wore sunglasses and a bathrobe and sniffed cartons of pterodactyl milk?

  6. @snohomish. definitely was a dino called Mr. dude. he was one bad ass hippie dino sans bathrobe who loved adventure. :-D

    @ct: rowr? it's a favorite of hippie dinosaurs and those who love oceans. variation of hey and hello and dude. pronounced roare. hold the a.