Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kicking Off March!

Well folks, it's finally here! March, the month before Script Frenzy, the month of my birthday, and, as I'm pleased to announce, Celebrate Local and Used Bookstores Month! (And you can call it CLUB month for short!)

So... A quick rundown of everything that you can expect to see (at least from me) this month:

April means Script Frenzy. For me, March is all about movies, script, and other sorts of awesomeness. Prepare yourself for my movie talk and the long awaited "A Long Affair."

This year, I'm treating myself for my birthday. So, with a little luck, you'll be seeing the newest addition to my typewriter family here on the blog.

And C.L.U.B... this is one that I'm excited for. I'll be profiling a few more local bookshops, and may even be posting a pictorial or video tour of Ken Sanders!

Well, as I'm sure you can tell, I'm pretty psyched for this month. So, let's get going!!!


  1. CLUB Month is looking to be a fun one!

  2. You know, Script Frenzy is even more typewriter-friendly than NaNoWriMo, IMHO, because of the funky formatting of a script, which (to me) is easier to visualize and execute on a typewriter (at least one with settable tabs) than on a PC.

  3. Yay deek!

    And dude, duffy, you're totally right. Not only are scripts insanely easy to write on a typewriter (or on a comp that has Celtx,) most of the SF logos involve typwriters. There are two that I currently see on the front page.

    It's awesome!