Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My turn.

I'm A. This whole thing was my crazy idea, though M didn't put up much of a struggle at the dragging along part of it.

And about me? Well I'm an artist, as the name applies (specifically a potter), a writer, a photographer, and a lot of things in between. And I'm a scientist. It's an awesome combination. My plan in life is to end up a small town doctor, living in the mountains and just enjoying life.

I'm another one of the barefoot types, even in the winter and at the barn, and like M, I have a tendency to sleep on the floor. I think it's the random little things like that that make it possible for M and I to be friends... just random enough that things get entertaining...

Just a warning--I'm a terrible speller. If it weren't for spell check and the red lines, some of my work would be unreadable. I love the smell of campfires and raku firings, and of sweat and leather and sweet horseflesh. I'm from a rural farming area, and some of that seems to always carry over into the rest of life.

I tend to ramble on when I write, so please, bear with me on that. But I love talking, ad it's a running joke that give me twenty minutes with someone and I can find something we can talk about.

I think I've said what I need to now... M and I, while good friends, are dramatically different as well--but like I said, that's what makes this so fun.

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