Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I think we missed a step...

Whoops...Perhaps A and I ought to introduce ourselves before we get too carried away.  My apologies.  Hi, how are you?  My name is M.  I'm a fourth year English student at Brigham Young University.  No, I have never waited for a missionary.  No, we do not pray at the beginning of every class.  No, I do not have horns.  Yes, I do think BYU lives up to most of its cliches.  And yes, as A is a student at the rival university, we are a little amazed that we're friends.  I want to be a librarian and a book conservationist when I grow up, or una bibliotecaria as I finally learned to say in Spanish the other day.  Maybe my language classes are good for something after all.  Who knew?  Anyway, I like frozen yogurt, reading picture books instead of my assigned texts, hiking, playing devil's advocate, and sleeping on the floor.  I do not like wearing shoes, eating my vegetables (except carrots, LOVE carrots), making phone calls, or being asked about my love life.  I hate Twilight.  I want a pet burro and three pygmy goats. (named Potpie, Pim, Bugger, and Nina respectively) I need to hike across Europe.  I hope to survive my finals.  And I love that now you kind of know who I am without literally knowing who I am.  Muahahaha!

Disclaimer:  Please don't hold me to my English major status, there are more important things in life than perfect grammar and punctuation.  Post on that topic at a later date.

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