Saturday, December 18, 2010

Long Day

Well, this week seems to be turning into a sort of tangential week, somewhat like my life. I had three or post ideas sitting there, waiting to be written, but none of them worked out. The clay and typewriters post was benched by equipment malfunctions, the thank you note post just sounded pompous and dry, and the post about clay and typewriters and hands? It fizzled before I even wrote the first sentence. I'm stuck slightly high and dry, but I still want to post something...
I think this is what they call a post-finals slump. Everything just starts to shut down, leaving you in a rut. So, I think I may well leave this post at that, and let the lovely M share some more with all of you, and try and come up with something brilliant and witty for my next post--the slump should wear off in a few days.
I'll see you all then.

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