Wednesday, November 30, 2011

ONE YEAR!!!!!?

Can you believe it? A year ago M and I made our first posts. I, for one, have to say thank you to the Typosphere for embracing us. For me, at least, it's so great to feel a part of a community outside my little world.

This year has been a year of up and downs. We've had some awesome memes (cowcasts and the Rhinos), and some sad times (my truck getting wrecked right after discovering Parry's office supplies.)   But it's been a very good year. I'm thankful for that.



  1. Congrats! I forgot about the could I forget those?!?

  2. I think we should make the cowcasts an annual thing...don't you agree? ;)

  3. I most heartily agree that it should be an annual thing. :) I had a ton of fun cowcasting.