Monday, October 24, 2011


So I'm reworking the book and it reminds me why I do not like editing. Timelines are a bite, and figuring out where everything fits may lead me to yet another year of pantsing and putting finishing this novel off.
Maybe I should just pants this one as well... that's the problem with loving a novel. You can love it too much, making it tough to give it the tough love it needs.


  1. I couldn't tell you. I've never really loved any of the NaNoNovels I wrote. Tolerated them barely, but never loved.

  2. I'm the complete opposite. I love a lot of what I've written... or at least parts of it... but just enough that it makes cutting tough.. the good thing is what I'm working off of is a paper draft, so I'll always have it to go back to.
    Yup, I also hold on to things oto hard.