Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Even though I'm usually a dedicated pantster and a member of #teampantsless, still, this planning thing can honestly be kinda fun...


  1. Come to the dark side! We're neatly alphabetized and arranged under Roman numerals.

  2. If only you had cookies... I don't think I'm yet in danger of joining you fully. My planning amounts to a lot of rambling notes in a moleskine... Neatly is one of those words that is only in my vocabulary when it comes to my bookcases... and even then, it's more like kinda neat, not really neat... :P

  3. Funner than writing it? That might not be a good thing.

    It's weird: I'm OCD (or, probably, more OCPD) about lots of things. Planning my prose isn't one of them. I just can't do it. It feels too much like the suckiest kind of work, for me.

  4. @Duffy... Not funner than writing it... just kinda fun. For me, ti's getting to know old friends even better kind of fun...

    And I think that my style of planning isn't the sucky kind that you refer to. It's more rambling about how awesome my story is, things like that... and occaisionally rambling on about the timing and all...