Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Numero 7: Energetic Young Men


Fauxcast typed with Mr. Polt's Royal Vogue Font.
(click link to download font!)
Based on a conversation I overheard at my gym.

And, as there is confusion, here are some videos of bouldering, most in my backyard.
(Neither AdC or myself are responsible for the content, if it's not totally appropriate. I tried to screen them, but yeah. Stuff happens.)


Just Beautiful


  1. I understand the basic premise, but I am not clear (i.e. not getting it) on what "boulder" means. Since I don't know what "bouldering in the woods means), I'm left out of what appears to be a funny joke.

  2. Ooops. So you know how Washington is the typosphere mecca? Well, Utah is a climbing mecca. Bouldering is climbing boulders, ie stuff less than 20-40 feet in the air, sans rope. The mattresses are crash pads, which we land on, as rocks and the ground tend to really hurt. Toothbrushes are used to clean chalk off the rocks.
    Erm... I dunno what else.
    Yeah, this was funnier in the gym and in the context.

  3. Ah-ha! Now that makes sense and is certainly funny.

  4. Looks like a cool sport. Though I hike a lot I have nowhere near the upper-body strength to do what you guys are doing, though my interest is now certainly piqued.

  5. yeah, it's an awesome sport. if you want to try climbing, I'd recommend seeing if there is a climbing gym or something similar near you. indoors, you can learn technique and meet tpeople with gear, not to mention see if it is something you'd be interested in. I love bouldering as well as the longer stuff. you don't necessarily need superhuman upper body strength to climb. just a good attitude and the desire to have fun!

  6. Gosh, wouldn't it be just as easy to carry a ladder as a mattress? Or to just wait for Boldering for the Wii?
    Perhaps I'm missing the point.
    Is this a "because it's there" kind of thing?

  7. YUP, because it is there. And cuz it's a ton of fun. with the rest break between attempts strongly encouraged, it turns into a lot of lying around, chilling, talking, enjoying the great outdoors or the gym with your friends. it's awesome. Just wouldn't be the same on a Wii...