Saturday, July 16, 2011

Five - Circles

The other day, while scrounging for change to pay for chalk, I came up with the following idea...

The Circles of Wealth.
It starts with prosperity.
In the fourth circle, you're giving a ton of money away. And spending. And saving. 
The third circle is when you've started to give money away, as well as spend and save beyond what you did in the second circle.
The second circle is when you start to save some money, as well as spend it.
In the first circle, you finally have some money to spend, which is what you do.

That brings us to flush, when you're making ends meet. You probably can't spend a ton of money on fun stuff, but you're not worried about paying the bills.

After flush comes broke, and the corresponding circles.
The first circle of broke is when you're down to your last 20 dollars to cover what you need to cover.
In the second circle, you're breaking the piggy bank and looking in the couch for change to cover the cost of your morning coffee.
By the time you hit the third circle, you're also hitting your savings account to live.
The fourth circle is when you hit your stash, that emergency cash you've put away for years... or not.
In the fifth circle, you're selling things to get by, and may or may not be living out of your car.
And the sixth circle of broke? It's one that sometimes goes hand in hand with other circles, depending on where you are in life... You move back in with your parents and start making your way back to flush and beyond.
And the circle continues.

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