Monday, March 16, 2015

Hello Friends

Hey all,

Long overdue update from AdC!

The update? We're still alive!!!!!!

That's about it, folks. We're still alive and kicking. On my end (this is Art, btw), not much has changed on the typewriter front, since the SM-3 came home with me. The fountain pens still continue to be a thing... A TWSBI Diamond 580, Lamy Safari, and Pilot Prera have been delivered since the first of the year. Before that, the big deal was finally getting a Vanishing Point, after wanting it for 10+ years.

Writing continues. I actually finished a novel, for once, but now, it means that I have to edit. And I'm not a fan of editing. AT ALL. I finished the edits on paper a while back, but they were substantial enough that I think it's going to be easier to just retype the whole damn thing, rather than try to figure out where the edits go, and what needs to be deleted vs what needs to be kept. So... I've been putting that off. I'm hopefully going to find motivation to type it up next month, and to do the edit on the stageplay I wrote about 10 years ago--I finally found a composer who is willing to write the music for it!

I think that's about it... Told ya, not much to update. I'm mostly typing this to get used to typing on a computer keyboard again--I've been avoiding computers and keyboards for a while, in favor of pen and paper.

Cheers, everyone.

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