Sunday, September 22, 2013

Help Wanted

Hi typosphere!
So eventually, I'll do a post about one of my grail machines that I finally acquired, but today, it's another question. I'm not looking to buy another machine right now, but for future reference, what are everyone's opinions on machines that can keep up with excessively speedy typing. I'm 70-80 WPM on a computer, and can probably get close to 50 on a typewriter... but the problem is that, at least with my SM-3, every time that I start to speed up, we run into the same old jamming problems that comes with lots of typebars flying in an enclosed space. So, typospherians, what are your favorite machines for speedy typing?


  1. My SM9 seems to cope well with fast typing, but I'm nowhere near 50 wpm. I wonder if an ultraportable, like a Groma Kolibri, or Olympia Splendid would handle super fast typing because of the shorter type slugs. I.e.- less distance to travel from resting position to platen and back again.
    Don't mind me. Just thinking out loud.

  2. This is why I like my Hermes 3000. I've also had good luck with the standards - SG1, Adler Special, and the Royal FP,
    I also like the Olivetti line for fast work, especially the Studio 44 & 45 and the Lettera 32. I'll be auditioning for first string in October so watch my blog.

  3. Control your rhythm. The keys won't jam if you are keeping a steady rhythm, and your speed will increase as well. Practice especially with words where the letters are mostly in one hand, as those are the ones you're likely to get out of rhythm with. Except for the cheap portables, these machines were built to do speed typing. I used to do 100 wpm on any machine I got stuck with at the office. Rhythm is key.

  4. I'm coming into this a bit late, but I'd recommend a Torpedo 18, as will other people. I'm not a particularly fast typist, but I know that a Torpedo can always handle my frantic bursts. XD