Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday afternoon happiness

It may not be pretty, but YAY!!!!
Sorry it's blurry... Blogger upload isn't the greatest. I'll redo it later!


  1. Ha ha - looks like you are a subscriber to Goulet Pens monthly sample vials like I am. I've a drawer rapidly becoming filled with them.

  2. Haha I actually have avoided the Ink Drop subscription so far! I kind of curate my own ink drop each time I order, with inks I think I want to try. I also have ordered a few of their staff favorites pack--this one was from Brian and Rachel's favorites, plus a few I added in! I have a box in my cupboard that is full of them. The great thing, though, is that when you buy a bottle of an ink you still have the vial for, it makes it really easy to send ink presents to fellow typospherians!