Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Uni-Ball Signo Bit



  1. I do like Uniball pens. I hardly ever use them, because I got hooked on Fisher Space Pens back in my waitering days, but Uniball make some very nice designs. Point one-eight? Man, that's a fine point. I need a one point-zero to hide the defects in my handwriting. It'll be interesting to see your collection this week, Art.

  2. Haha yeah, i don't swear allegiance to any one pen. There are just too many out there for me to try...
    And i have some of the broad points, and they do have their uses, but it all deends on mood...

  3. I used to carry around a tiny memo pad for poetry composition...always had trouble fitting in my words. This...looks perfect for such purposes.

    I like Uni-ball pens. I use a lot of fountain pens, but it was Uni-ball rollerball pens that first showed me the world beyond cheap, sticky ballpoints, and I still keep a number of them around.

    1. This would be great for that. :) i use it for my to do lists and stuff, and it's awesome!