Monday, January 21, 2013

So this whole handwriting thing...

So if the amount I've handwritten today were part of NaNoWriMo, and my estimations on the count are correct, I'd be about a fifth, maybe more like a quarter or a third of the way done. 32 pages of narrow rule.
And the night is still young.
Too bad it's not fiction, right?


  1. I'm a big believer in handwriting. It's always going to be unique to the individual with the pen in their hand. Thirty-two pages is excessive, so I assume you're doing this because you have to. If it's not fiction, then what could it possibly be? A confession? Are you writing this in a cell? (Boy, I'm gonna look really foolish if THAT is the case).
    If nothing else, aside from the aching knuckles and wrist that you may wind up with at the end of it, you'll also (theoretically) have slightly more improved handwriting.
    Now, here comes the cliche- Write on!

  2. You win. I'm not sure *what* you win, but you definitely win.

  3. Haha teeritz, sadly, it isn't improving my handwriting. However, I do live a monkish existence of eat school sleep and climb, so I firstly could call my place a cell of sorts... Writing everything out is how i study. (I'm getting my doctorate and it takes a lot of knowledge before they let you start seeing patients.) Monday was a weekend... I average at least five thousand in a night, sometimes, or usually, more.
    And thanks lfp... I might just do nano by hand one year... It's doable, although I would probably cheat--I love 10I days, and I.can't do it time-wise without typing...