Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chew on this

Couple days ago, I pulled a post I'd written because honestly, you guys made me mad. All you could do was sit and bash on Vegas (justifiably, I'm sure), without making a case for the opposition. Sounds like a pretty poor defense to me. But, the again, that's how a lot of people work. Bash something but don't really defend the alternative--let it shine on its own, they say, but screw anyone who dares voice a protesting opinion--use your vehemence to shut them down before they even start.

I don't give a damn that Vegas is hot as hell--I'd be more likely to avoid the Pacific Northwest for 300 cloudy days a year. How the hell do you people deal with that? Heat is easy--clothes are meant to be taken off. But lack of sunshine? In the words of my coworker, "fuck, man." I'll be stuck in a building a lot of the time anyway... why would I want somewhere that I can't play when I do get the time to go outside?

I'm not going to ask my question again, because this whole deal made me realize that I don't really give a flying rat's ass. I'm sure one of you would chime in in defense of the desert, so sorry for pulling it, but it was better this way. I'm going to go where will be the best for me.


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  1. I support your doing whatever you want in your own space (blog). We are just visitors here and if the conversation takes a turn you don't like, well, any text appearing here is at your pleasure. As for the subject, different strokes for different folks. I find sunshine depressing and oppressive in the same way you do the clouds, but I loved the vibe of Vegas in a way my wife hated. Anyway, keep this blog a place you can enjoy - however you do that I'll just watch and learn.