Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Book

There's a small blue book in my life titled:  "Book of Things Pertaining to Happiness," but it goes by Happy Book for short.  In it I make a list (post on the joys of lists at a later date) of all the things-strange and insignificant-that make me happy.  It's the world's greatest exercise in optimism and remembering and distracting myself from my studies.  Please enjoy the first edition.

  1. bugging my evil cat
  2. hugs so tight I can't breathe
  3. "Frying pans...who knew? Right?"
  4. people telling me I bounce when I walk
  5. running to my car on Friday afternoons and singing at the top of my lungs the whole. way. home.
  6. talking more to one person in one hour than I had all the rest of the week put together
  7. my personal space heater
  8. "I'm as corny as Kansas in August...High as a flag on the Fourth of July..."
  9. planning entries for art/essay competitions
  10. cabin fever


  1. I share the same happiness with number six.

  2. I've seen Tangled, in the theater, twice. That is a good, "happy" movie.