Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Welcome to the Art of the Letter.

A few months ago, one friend said to another, "Wouldn't it be neat if we wrote a blog about all the things we love? Letters and notes and pens and paper and ephemera and maybe even typewriters." And lucky for me, my friend said yes.

That was the birth of the idea for the Art of the Letter. We've been talking about it, planning, but just never got it off the ground. Until now. Today, I'm feeling bold, and I want to share the feeling and kick things off.

Like I said above, this is going to be all about the things we love. Letters and notes and ephemera and the sheer joy of writing. We want to share that with a world that sometimes loses track of how cool these things can be.

So, I leave it now to M to continue where I've started from. Once again, welcome, and we hope you enjoy.


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